Configure Botkit and Cisco Webex Teams

Setting up a bot for Cisco Webex Teams is one of the easiest experiences for bot developers! Follow these steps carefully to configure your bot.

1. Install Botkit

You will need to install Botkit and run it before your bot can be configured with Cisco Spark.

2. Create a new bot in the Cisco Developer portal

Follow the instructions to create a new bot in the Cisco Webex Teams Developer Portal.

Screenshot of the 'Add a bot' flow in Webex developer portal

Take note of the bot username, you'll need it later.

Note about your icon: Cisco requires you host an avatar for your bot before you can create it in their portal. This bot needs to be a 512x512px image icon hosted anywhere on the web. This can be changed later.

You can copy and paste this URL for a Botkit icon you can use right away:

3. Copy your access token

Cisco will provide you an access token that is specific to your bot. Write this down, you won't be able to see this later (but you will be able revoke it and create a new one).

4. Run your bot with variables set

Follow these instructions to run your bot locally, or by using a third-party service such as Glitch or Heroku.

You will need the following environment variables when running your bot:

You should now be able to search your Webex Teams for the bot username you defined, and add it to your team!

Additional resources

Read more about making bots for this platform in the Webex Developer Portal.

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